Thursday, 24 January 2013

OMG New Bax Boots! 69L colors @ The Dressing Room

OMFG I really LOVE these! The newest creation from Bax Coen. These "Foxy" boots are so high quality that they almost look real! ( this pic isnt edited! )  Anyways so I suggest you def get yo butt down to BAX and atleast try a demo for yourself. these ones are included in "BAX Foxy Boots Coffee" they come in 2 colors each set. [740L per Set]

                                                        Bax Coen Designs Mainstore

ALTERNATIVELY! They have a sale going on at the dressing room where there are 3 exclusive colors availiable for 69L each color! I know what your going to say SERIOUSLY GEM only 69L for a pair of Bax's. Well ladies, its sooo true! Go have a sticky beak~!

Gemmy ♥

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