Thursday, 13 December 2012

MM5 Rock Design Mesh Shirts!

 Introducing a new line of mesh clothing from MM5 Rock Design!

I absolutely fell in love with these shirts when i saw them! What better way to show your attitude off than on a sexy shirt with character! The pictures ive posted are just some of the many styles avaliable, so go check it out!

 Whats the BEST part about these shirts? Why they come in a Male/Female pack! Yes thats right.. buy one for you, and give the other to a friend/boyfriend/cat. whatever! They are Transferable!
 Heres a vendor pic for example:

Currently avaliable on the marketplace for 250L per set come and grab yours now!

FYI! this store has lots more than just shirts. Theres some pretty neat stuff including buildings!

Hair: Exile                          Skin: LAQ

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