Monday, 14 May 2012

Part Of Me [LOTD 15/5/12]

 This is one of my favorite looks so far. I really love this latest release of mesh hair from Vanity. sometimes the big poofy hair doesnt "work out" with your face and you need a sleek design. Vanity Mesh hair is really good at providing that look in a fashionable desire.

And yeah i know i wore the same look in the poses but i accidently forgot to change LOL slap my wrist im naughty. so here it is again!

Also! All the shapes I use on my posts will be avaliable for sale in the mainstore hopefully sometime this weekend! I'll keep you posted because I know some of you have been asking!

Poses By Melina Fetuccio - Fly Lily Poses Eilfie Set
Avaliable on the marketplace. She has lots of unique pose packs for under 100 L a set!

♥ Gem Waffle

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